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本公司除生產合乎國際ASTM標準的碳煙產品外,也為部分客戶開發生產特殊規格的品級。本公司開發成功的低遲滯性碳煙(LH Black),將對新世紀的下一代橡膠工業作出重大貢獻,針對用於塑料、油墨、印染的特殊級碳煙,本公司也已加大力度開發,以期擴大這一部分的市場地位。
China Synthetic Rubber Corporation's (CSRC) core business is the manufacture of Carbon Black (CB). CSRC currently has eight production sites around the world: one in Taiwan , three in the US , three in Mainland China , and one in India . CSRC's CB capacity stands at 790,000 MT a year, making CSRC the 5th largest supplier of CB worldwide.
CSRC's technical expertise in CB production has been acknowledged worldwide for decades. Our strict attention to quality is widely recognized by major global tire makers and industrial application users. It has also enabled us, in recent years, to achieve ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certification. We further exploit our focus on quality and our CB technology by licensing our know-how to Continental Carbon Australia (CCA) and Alexandria Carbon Black Co., Egypt (ACBC).
In addition to manufacturing an array of CB products that meet international ASTM standards, CSRC also provides special specification CBs for niche customers. CSRC is continuing to develop a variety of specialty CBs used in plastics, printing ink, and dyes to further increase its presence in different market segments. Our successfully launched Low Hysteresis Black, that is expected to make a significant contribution to the next generation of the rubber industry, is but one example.
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