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        In 2016, the global economic growth began to revive. As the American economy improved, it began to drive economic growth in developed economies. In addition, the Eurozone and Japan both adopted quantitative easing policies, which further stabilized global growth. However, emerging economies led by Mainland China underwent structural adjustment and encountered low demand, which contributed to their slow growth. This created a large impact on global financial markets and on raw material prices because of geopolitical risks, which added to the uncertainty in global economy. Although the global oversupply of carbon black and low demand has not changed, the Company still used our "outcome driven" and "Quintessence, Simplicity and Precision" management concept to change product policy and carefully promote business. As a result, the Company's 2016 operating performance exceeded that in 2015. In addition, the Company has continued to integrate front line customers and built production technology integration platforms to reduce costs. The Company has also developed special use Carbon black and introduced energy-saving production equipment to improve overall competitiveness.
1. Production and sales
        Overall, 88,670 tons of Carbon black was produced in 2016, which was an increase of 5.6% compared to the 4,700 metric ton in 2015. This year's Carbon black sales totaled 90,157 tons, which was 2,096 tons more than 2015. The domestic sale of Carbon black was 56,278 tons and its export was 33,879 tons. The 2016 Carbon black sales income was NT$1,910,518 thousands. This was NT$477,417 thousands less than that in 2015, marking a decrease of 20%. Steam production was 537,220 tons, which was 1.7% less than that in 2015. After deducting the amount used to produce the Carbon black, the net sale quantity was 521,905 tons. The sales revenue from steam was NT$405,075 thousands. This was NT$109,915 thousands less than that in 2015 and a decrease of 21.34%
       Biotechnology development business royalties was NT$1,284,537 thousands. This was an increase of NT$95,711 thousands, 8% compared to that in 2015.

2. Net profit and dividend
        The Company's after-tax net profit was NT$1,471,010 thousands. This is a growth of 73% compared to the same period last year. The main reason is because the profit of the Carbon black business increased. The annual budget achievement rate was 125%. After appropriating a legal reserve of NT$147,101 thousands, the accumulated distributable profit was NT$3,181,985 thousands. After retaining a profit of NT$1,984,676 thousands, the balance of NT$1,197,309 thousands was issued as dividend. Each share of common stock is allocated a cash dividend of NT$1.5 and a stock dividend of NT$0.5.

Chairman: Chang, An-Ping