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1973CSRC founded in Taiwan on June 15. The US firm Continental Carbon Company is the license provider.
1975Construction of production facilities is completed.
1981CSRC's second production line is completed.
1985Completion of waste heat boiler; outside sale of excess steam begins.
1986CSRC's stock is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on July 15.
1988CS Development & Investment Co. (CS Development) is funded. The main business scope is investment.
1991CSRC purchases a penicillin plant in the north of England.
1993Work is completed on third production line and the co-generation plant. A new corporate identity system is introduced.
1993CSRC acquires the shares of Consolidated Resource Company (CRC).
1994CSRC obtains ISO-9002 certification.
1995CSRC acquires the US firm Continental Carbon Co., (CCC) along with its three carbon black plants, R&D center and experimental carbonblack pilot plant.
1996Completion of edible pork skin gelatin plant.
1997CSRC acquires Synpac-Kingdom Pharmaceutical Corp. CSRC obtains ISO-14001 environmental management system certification.
1998CSRC receives the National Quality Insurance Outsanding Model Award.
1998E-One Energy Technology Corp. is funded. The main business scope is the manufactory and sale of Li-ion-battery and battery pack.
2000CSRC acquires a carbon black plant in Maanshan, China. CCC acquires a carbon black plant in Delhi, India. The penicillin plant in England is sold out.
2000The first production line for prismatic battery with monthly capacity of 1 million units is completed in E-One Energy Technology Corp. (Taiwan Southern Science Park).
2001CSRC acquires a carbon black plant in Anshan, China.
2001Sole Energy Tech Corp. is founded. The main business scope is the assembly and sale of Li-ion-battery.
2002Maanshan Plant(China) completes expansion & IFC(International Finance Corporation) becomes an investor.
2003Gelatin plant obtains HACCP certification.
2004Delhi Plant(India) completes expansion. Anshan Plant(China) completes exansion.
2004E-One Energy Technology Corp. is listed on GreTai Securities Market, Taiwan.
2005Completion the debottlenecking projects in both Taiwan and Maanshan, China.
2005 The Gelatin plant is sold out.
2006Myozyme, an authorized orphan drug for Pompe disease, was patented and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
2007Myozyme, a drug made by Genzyme, received the European patent in February.
2009CSRC obtains TS16949 quality management system certificate in car industry
2010CSRC / Synpac Venture Capital-Lumizyme has been approved by the U.S. FDA to treat late-onset Pompe disease
2010Chongqing plant -complete register and start to kick off the construction
2010The second-phase of the production facility of E-One Energy Technology Corp. (Taiwan Southern Science Park) is completed.
2011CSRC Chongqing – Selling steam to customer
2012Myozyme, a drug made by Genzyme, was patterned in Japan
2012Delhi Plant(India) completed the debottlenecking and enhanced the capacity
2012CSRC set up an Audit Committee on 27th June to substitute for the function of the Supervisors
2013The new facility of Synpac Kingdom Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Synpan-Kingdom) in Luchu, Taoyuan, Taiwan is completed.
2014The disposal of the property of Synpan-Kingdom (Tucheng) is approved in extraordinary general meeting.
2014CSRC Chongqing – Selling carbon black.
2014Synpac-Kingdom obtains PIC/S GMP qualification.
2015E-One Energy Technology Corp. has de-listed on GreTai Securities Market, Taiwan from 30th April.