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Bring Man into Harmony with the Environment; Ensure the Sustainable Development of Society

CSRC has always placed great emphasis on environmental protection and industrial safety. The corporation has been successful in reducing the number of accidents to a minimum, and is determined to establish and maintain an invironmental management system meeting ISO-14000 standards.

1. We have vigorously implemented a policy to reduce industrial waste, lowering pollutant emission levels and increasing levels of recycling.

2. CSRC has actively promoted a Three White program and insure the cleaniness of the work environment to reduce sources of pollution.

3. Employees are given ongoing training in industrial safety and hygiene, reinforced by practice drills.

4. An automatic inspection system has been established for hazardous machinery and equipment.

5. CSRC has implemented the "Respnsible Care" system to meet our obligations to society.

Coporation Visions

1. Be the global most competitive Carbon Black supplier.

2. Be the most effective petro-chemical company in Taiwan.

3. Be the most environment friendly multinational corporation in the world.